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CO2 Generators
CO2 Generators

CO2 is one of the easiest ways to enhance plant growth at any time and to relieve plant stress when temperatures soar out of the comfort zone. Plants grown with supplemental CO2 can yield 35% more fruit or flowers. A liquid propane or natural gas CO2 generator (burner) is one of the most cost effective ways to add this growth booster to your plants’ environment. Here we have a selection of traditional, worry-free CO2 generators along with the new, easy-to-use, reliable water-cooled CO2 generators from Hydro Innovations. All of our products work to maximize CO2 production and minimize heat. These generators can be paired with our CO2 Environmental controls to automate CO2 injection completely.

Co2 Generator Ares 2 Liquid Propane
The Ares Series CO2 generators provide a clean & efficient way to enrich your grow area with CO2.

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