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Environmental Climate Control

Titan Controls offers Environmental, Timing, Ventilation & Lighting Controls.
Built with the finest quality components and digitally controlled.

CO2 Burners, CO2 Boost Buckets, Environmental Controllers by Titan Controls. Deck out your grow room with all the fixin’s! Here we have CO2 Boost Buckets, regulators for your CO2 tanks, CO2 Generators which run off natural gas and propane. Cruise the Titan controllers and see how you can automate your room to keep the perfect environment for your plants while you are away. Step into the future of water cooled lights with Hydro Innovations. We have Ice Boxes, water chillers, and water cooled CO2 generators. Easy-to-install, these products will make your plants sing your praises!

When hydroponic gardening goes beyond the hobby level, controlling your growing climate, environment and CO2 levels offers new potential for maximizing your production. Hydroponics Garden is proud to offer state-of-the art climate and environmental control products to our commercial customers and serious hobbyists. Control your growing environment's temperature and the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and you can increase plant productivity up to 35%. Careful control can create your own seasons, no matter what the outside weather offers. You can rely on Hydroponics Garden for the most reliable, economical, and technologically advanced products available anywhere:

Titan Environmental Controls
Environmental, Timing, Ventilation & Lighting Control Specialists
CO2 Generators
co2 Generators / Burners
CO2 Boost Bucket - 90 day starter kit
Its time to take your indoor gardening to the next level with Co2Boost. Just plug in our Co2Boost pump and watch as your plants health and size increa...
Co2 Boost Replacement Bucket
Co2Boost is an all natural product that has been designed to work with your light cycle. Plants only consume Co2 when they are exposed to lights and t...

CO2 Generators and Burners
– Get up to 35% more plant productivity by optimizing CO2 levels in your growing environment. Natural gas or propane burners are reliable and easy to control.

Other CO2 Boost and Control Products – Our automatic CO2Boost system can supply up to 90 days of additional CO2. At Hydroponics Garden, you'll also find a full range of CO2 testers, controllers, and monitors. Everything you need for these powerful productivity boosters is available right here.

Shop online now by clicking on the links above. Order today and we'll rush your shipment to you so you can start your environmental control program right away:

Maximize Hydroponics Productivity at Hydroponics Garden

Hydroponics Garden has researched the environmental control market with professional and advanced hobbyist growers in mind. From the available technology, we've selected the very best, most reliable products to meet your exacting needs. You can order from Hydroponics Garden with complete confidence and rely on our long experience in this industry for maximum results.

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