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Kessil H150 is an innovative high intensity LED grow light designed specifically for indoor growing experts. At the heart of this device is a patented LED technology platform, a high-density LED array core encompassed by specially created optics, that puts out a powerful stream of light for in-depth penetration into plants. Each unit runs coolly and efficiently. Drawing less than 36W from the plug, H150 is truly a high performance, energy saving, and long lasting light fixture made to meet today's demanding indoor gardening requirements. The compact H150 is extremely modular and provides growers the flexibility to arrange lights according to different growing environments.

The number of H150 units can be easily scaled according to the grow area. When hung 12" to 18" above the plants, each LED grow light covers about a circle with a 2 ft diameter). Aside from being a standalone LED source, the small form factor also allows H150 to be used in conjunction with traditional sources as a booster or supplemental light. Possessing so many different ways

 Advanced Thermal Design Innovative heat management system lets Kessil run efficiently for a long time
 Densely packed high power LED array puts out far more light than the competition
 Expertly constructed optics provide maximum photon injection into your plants

Stealth Grow Veg LED
The VEG light is the superior solution for growers who run a constant vegetative grow room. The VEG spectrum is dialed in to promote: Tight inter-nodal spacing, dense leafy growth, and more flowering sites! This light has proved itself to significantly outperform 1000watt Metal Halides for only 350watts, 3 amps and minimal heat. If you are tight on amps but still want to run more power to your bloom room, the SG VEG is your light.
The next level of LED lighting is here. Kessil presents H350 SPECTRAL HALO LED grow light, boasting 2.5x the light output of H150.
Stealth Grow 602 Full Spectrum LED
The SG 602 is now 25% brighter! It has proven to produce comparable yields and distinctly better quality than a 1000watt HPS bulb. The SG 602 has long been Stealth Grow's bread-and-butter product. Start seeing improved results with the SG 602 today!
H350 - Deep Purple - Vegetative Emphasis, Special Penta-band Recipe
The DEEP PURPLE model features a greater blue to red wavelength ratio to encourage stronger vegetative growth for fuller, healthier plants. Using five different types of LED chips with a strong emphasis on blue wavelengths, this penta-band recipe is designed to keep plants strong.


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