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Gardening Pots, Nursery Pots and Saucers, Net Pots, Grow Bags, Buckets & Smart Pots

Every gardening project needs containers, and Hydroponics Garden is your headquarters for every type of plant container imaginable. Whatever your gardening method, from traditional soil gardening to hydroponics, we have the pots, containers, grow bags, and other supplies you need, all in stock and ready for fast shipment when we receive your online order.

Looking for pots made entirely out of peat or coco? Look no further than our Jiffy Pots and coco baskets. We have containers of all shapes and sizes – from the classic nursery pots to the state of the art, air-pruning Smart Pots. Just need to replace the net pots in your system? We got ‘em! Try out some grow bags or build your own deep water culture system using our buckets and bucket lids. We’ve got everything for the hobbyist and the serious gardener. Hydroponics Garden stocks:

Air Pots
The Air-Pot is a recyclable, reusable plastic container that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants. The inward pointing cones direct the root towards the hole in the outward pointing cones where the air density in the soil is too great and therefore the apical cells at the very tip of the root dehydrate, or are air-pruned. The response of the plant to this air-pruning is to send out more roots to compensate for the loss, which leads to the build up of a dense and fibrous radial root system in a dramatically short time.
Round Nursery Pots
Heavy Duty Round Nursery Pots
Net Pots
Net Pots, Net Pot Lids, Neoprene
Vinyl Saucers
Vinyl saucers can accommodate most sizes of nursery pots or grow bags.
Mesh Pots
Bucket Lids / Mesh Pots
6 in. CocoTek Basket Liners 10/Bag
CocoTek products have become an instant hit! They are 100% organic and environmentally friendly (product will break down in 3 years), yet very durable...
These premium quality, black plastic buckets can be used for a variety of gardening applications. Many growers use these as containers to grow their p...
These premium quality, black plastic buckets can be used for a variety of gardening applications. Many growers use these as containers to grow their p...

Air Pots – Encourage lush root growth for many growing techniques.

Round Nursery Pots – Traditional round containers in all sizes.

Grow Bags – An economical alternative to traditional pots.

Square Nursery Pots – Space-saving pots for soil or hydroponics.

Net Pots – These offer ideal root aeration. Lids available, too.

Smart Pots – Great aeration and automatic air-pruning produce lush roots.

Vinyl Saucers – Great under all sizes of pots.

Mesh Bottom Pots and Bucket Lids – For hydroponics or traditional growing.

CocoTek Basket Liners – Biodegradable and 100% organic.

Black Buckets – 3 and 5 gallon sizes.

Plant Warrior Pots – Promote rich plant growth and better aeration.

Jiffy Pots – The old standby 3" peat pots.

Earthbox Kits – Revolutionary planting system on casters. Double your yields.

Order the containers and pots you need direct from Hydroponics Garden for fast, sure delivery. Try a new way of growing by experimenting with new types of containers, too. At Hydroponics Garden, we stock everything for the 21st Century gardener.

Complete Selection of Growing Containers

Hydroponics Garden is proud to offer a wide range of container options to our customers. You'll find all the traditional containers, along with new products designed to maximize your yields and improve your gardening success. We have a large stock of all items in our Minneapolis warehouse, ready to ship as soon as we receive your online order, so order today for quick delivery.